Your are a multidimensional, powerful, radiant light-being who's more than one body but rather three bodies. Each body more subtle than the other and dwell in a separate dimension. They operate simultaneously while each vibrates at a distinct frequency.


Yogi philosophy says 'I am a soul that has take a body' rather than the mind set most people think 'Does my body have a soul'?


PHYSICAL (or Material) Body

Sheaths: Food

The physical body is your seed body and it is called ANNAMAYA Kosha in Sanskrit. Made of of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether. The five organs of sensory perception are ear, skin, eyes, palate & nose. The five organs of action are tongue, hands, feet, genital & anus.

ASTRAL (or Subtle) Body

Sheaths: Pranic (vital), Mental & Intellectual

Your astral body, PRANAMAYA Kosha, is connected to your physical body by a subtle thread along which vital energy flows. When your cord is cut your physical body dies. Every living thing has an astral body.Made of 18 principles;intellect, ego, mind, five knowing senses, five working senses & five sense objects. The five organs of sensory perception are ear, skin, eyes, palate & nose. Made of of the five sense objects; sound, touch, form, flavor and odor. 


Sheaths: Bliss

The causal body is known as the seed body & in Sanskrit it is called KARANA SHARIRA. This body stores subtle impressions in the form of Karma which everything that has happened to you in this life and past lives. The causal body will determines the development of the physical & astral bodies in the next birth. At the time of death the causal & astral bodies, which remain together, separate from the physical body.

Your causal body is the storehouse of all your impressions and latent energies in you, all your Vasanas. When this hidden material in the causal body expresses itself as feelings and thoughts it takes the form of your subtle body. The same material works out as perceptions and actions in the gross body. Let the causal body be instilled with the suggestion of health, the subtle body will entertain thoughts of health and the gross body is bound to be healthy. Let the causal body be saturated with the suggestion of godhead, the subtle body will revel in the thought of godhead, the man is bound to be godly. A man is the architect of his own personality inasmuch as it is his own causal body that is responsible for his behaviour, movements and environments.