The Seven Chakras

The origin of chakras date back to the beginning of time. Indian Tantra yoga tradition is where we get the majority of our current teachings. This is where the origin of the Sanskrit chakra meanings and definitions comes from. The chakra system defines the different physical, emotional and spiritual qualities affected in by each. 

Each unique chakra diagram depicts a specific color, element, quantity of lotus pedals, biji mantras and deities. They teaches us what we need to improve to achieve our physical, emotional & physical health.


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Our life force or vital energy is called PRANA. Your body prana energy system contains over 72,000 energy channels know as 'nadis'.  Where a large number of nadis intersect is where the chakra locations exist.


There also exists an 8th to 12th higher chakra residing above the Crown chakra. The universal heart is the 8th Chakra. It is the bridge between our ego-based perception and our higher awareness.


Some simple chakra tests utilize a series of questions to determine which points may blocked. Though there's some merit to this basic technique, it's much more useful to use methods such as meditation or a pendulum to accurately locate energy blockages.


Chakra blockages occur when prana energy is not flowing freely through all seven locations. When you are aware of blockage symptoms you can determine if you have too much or little energy flow in that area.


Chakras sounds are frequencies which vibrate at specific rates. The lower root chakra vibrates at a slower rate but as we move up the chakras the rate increases and the high the sound becomes. Listening and meditating to these tones helps you raise your energies. Turn up the volume and listen to how each tone effects you.


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