CROWN Chakra - Sahasrara

Color: Violet

Action: 'I Know'

Issue: Understanding

Goal: Wisdom

Sense: Think

This chakra is about self-realization on the highest level creating a state of 'bliss' (feeling at peace and joyous of life in the moment)


The7th chakra is the CROWN chakra located outside the physical body just above the head. It is termed the thousand-petaled lotus, the center of godliness, illumination and spiritual enlightenment.

Planet & Astrology

The ruling CROWN chakra planet is MERCURY which represents a network of infinite interrelated connections. In astrology it's associated to VIRGO which governs the nadis system.

Healthy & Blocked Energy

A healthy and open CROWN chakra means all blockages in any other chakras are dissolved, for you are truly open and connected with yourself and the divine. You are a vessel through which the universe’s energy can flow without any interference from ego and are at one with all that is.

When clear, it enables one to see the truth concerning ideals, materialistic pursuits, self-limiting concepts, pride, and vanity; it further allows one to experience continuous self-awareness and conscious detachment from personal emotions.

Blockages in the CROWN chakra mean you indecisive, have a sense of not belonging and feel fatigued. You may have no lust for life and addictions are common. Physically you may experience headaches, pituitary problems, braintumors, epilepsy and cancer.


"Nature is an infinite sphere in which the center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere."

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)


CROWN Characteristics

Action: `I know' - beyond any of our five known senses.

Animal: None; too high a vibration to be touched upon in any physical sense

Balancing: Meditation, guided visualization and energy work

Body location: Top, or crown, of the head

Body Parts: Central nervous system

Color: VIOLET, although it is often described as white, symbolizing purity of the highest level

Directly Effects: Nirvanic Body - Higher consciousness, Evolution

Element: Awareness, Thought

Energy Flow: Opens upwards from the top of the head to allow the cosmic energy to flow in and down through the body.

Essential Oils: Lavender, sage, juniper, rosewood

Foods: Fasting, air, incense and herbs

Function: Union, Bliss, Spiritual knowing, Sense of empathy

Gems /Metals: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Opal, Diamond, Quartz/ Platinum, Gold

Glands/ORGANS: Pituitary, cerebrum

Herbs: Cedar chips, Cinnamon, Cloves, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Lavender Flowers, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Sandalwood

Incense: Peony

Lotus pedals: Thousandfold which represents the infinite.

Main ISSUE: Understanding

Main GOAL: Wisdom

Physical Connection: The upper brain and right eye. Formless supreme light.

Psychological functions: NA

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara (pronounced as Saw has ah raw)

Sahasara meaning thousandfold

Scents: Lotus, Jasmine, Sage, Tobacco, Hyssop, Yucca, Broom

Sense: Think

Sound: Mantra aum and ee as in bee & musical note B

Symbols: Select this link to see various examples