Energy Healing

by Jeff Palmer


Energy healing is a very widely used term for any form of healing which balances, rejuvenates, or restores the levels of energy in the body. The principles of energy healing are rooted in the belief that in addition to biological and bio-chemical systems, the human body consists of a system of subtle energies. Most often referred to in the West as universal life energy or bio-energy it is referred to as various names among other cultures; in India it is known as prana, the Japanese know it as qi; in Hebrew it is called ruah, the Chinese refer to it as ki, in Hawaii it is referred to as mana or ti.


Energy healers believe that this universal energy flows through the body in recognizable patterns. This energy extends beyond the surface of the body and creates an energy field, also known as an aura or bio-field. When an individual’s energy patterns are balanced and free flowing, a healthy life can be enjoyed. When the energy field becomes disrupted, weakened or blocked, however, the symptoms of physical and emotional damage can occur. Prolonged disturbances in an individual’s energy field can lead to chronic pain, disease and emotional disturbances.


Many mainstream health systems have employed the life energy principle within their healing methods. Well known healing techniques such as chiropractic healing, shiatsu massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, acupressure, naturopathy, reiki, touch therapy and several others, employ various forms of energy field or life force principles in the treatment and diagnosis of patients. Traditional health care providers increasingly offer these healing techniques as a compliment to orthodox medical care.


Energy healing works by reconfiguring the energy that exists within and around all living things. Energy manipulation performed by a practitioner corrects imbalances and blockages in the flow of life energies through the body. The reconfiguring of life energy is commonly performed with the hands, in some cases it is carried out remotely. Life energy also acts as a catalyst to accelerate the natural healing process of the body. When life energy is applied to the unhealthy part of the body the rate of recovery or healing is increased.


Practices such as, qi-gong, tai-chi, yoga and focused meditation also involve the perception, manipulation and direction of universal life energy within the body. Additionally, thought field therapy incorporates similar methods for establishing and maintaining emotional well being.


Does Energy Healing Really Work?


The thousands of energy healing recipients who have benefited from the practice would answer in the affirmative. Is there any scientific data to back up these claims? Admittedly, energy healing techniques have not been the focus of a great deal of government funded research; however, the studies hat have been performed lend credibility to the effectiveness of this method of healing.


For instance, the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine published a review of clinical trials concerning various types of alternative healing methods. Energy healing was found to be the most effective practice, producing statistically significant results in 65 percent of the test subjects.


To put this finding into perspective, many drugs in use today fail to achieve a response rate higher than 50 percent in clinical trials.


One of the most complete studies of research showing the effectiveness of energy healing comes from psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel J. Benor. Dr. Benor surveyed all such research and studies made prior to 1990. They consisted of research performed on, cells, yeasts, bacteria, enzymes, plants, animals and humans. Of the 131 controlled experiments on spiritual, psychic, prayer or psi healing, over 50% showed statistically significant results. In 56 of the studies performed, there was less than a 1 in a 100 possibility that positive results were due to chance.


Perhaps the most significant evidence of the effectiveness of energy healing techniques stems from the growing number of people seeking such treatments. It is doubtful that a practice with limited benefits would continue to attract so much interest.


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