Migrane Aura and Yoga

by Jill
(United States)

I'm not sure if this is the same meaning, but I always have (what my doctor calls) Aura in the days leading up to a migraine.

The Aura is like little dots of lights floating around my body that I can see but no one else can. Seeing this Aura is always followed by a migraine.

I also practice some yoga but have not heard the instructor talk about Chakra's. How do these two concepts go together?

We do a lot of purposeful breathing in the classes, and I wish yoga helped my migraines, but they do keep my body in shape which is always a good thing.

For those who haven't done yoga, it's a lot more difficult that it looks. The first time I tried I was so worn out after the first few minutes that I couldn't finish. It requires a lot of strength and flexibility that can only be gained by doing more yoga. :-)

These days, anything that is good for your mind and body is worth trying.

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