Mount MeruOrigin of Chakras

Knowledge of the chakras goes back to the beginning of time. The birthplace of the human race is Tanzania, Central Africa. In this region there is a sacred mountain called Mount Meru.

The mountain represents the journey of life from the bottom of the mountain to the top (Root chakra to the Crown chakra). This is the original place where knowledge of the energy system and chakras began.

Mount Meru appears in ancient Egyptian and Indian mythology showing us both traditions had knowledge of the chakras. This is due to the Ethiopian origin of both Egypt and Indian.


It is from the Indian Tantra yoga tradition that we get the majority of our current teachings. Tantra yoga is one of the spiritual paths of the Dravidian people who are descendants of Ethiopia.

Tantra includes in its teachings charkas, astronomy, astrology, kundalini and Hatha yoga.

Many say the origin of chakras comes from the "Upanishads" (ancient Hindu scriptures that established the core teachings of Vedanta) which are believed to have been passed down orally for approximately a thousand years before being written down for the first time between 1200-900 BCE.