PRANA Energy

Prana energy or ki is the life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.

Prana is not just breath but an energy force in the spiritual and physical worlds. It enters the body with the breath, and circulates through the network of your subtle energy channels, the nadis.

Have you ever stroked a sick child's forehead?In that loving act, you transmit prana to them.Your instincts know about prana, even if your conscious mind doesn't.


During pranayama when the breath is held, the prana unites in your sacral chakra, generating tremendous energy to awaken kundalini lying dormant at the base of the spine.

You can collect & store pranic energy in your Solar Plexus (the pranic storage battery) by practicing pranayama Hatha yoga breathing methods

Filling your body with pranic energycan bring healing and some get-up-and-go to every cell. Anyone coming into contact with a prana-filled person can access this energy by osmosis.

Thought is the most refined, potent form of prana and the movement of the lungs is the weakest


Natural Urges

When you suppress natural body urges, you cut off the natural flow of prana, which causes imbalance and disease.

Thirteen urges that allow natural flow of Prana are to:

1. Defecate

6. Belch

10. Drink

2. Pass gas

7. Yawn

11. Cry

3. Urinate

8. Vomit

12. Sleep

4. Sneeze

9. Eat

13. Pant after exertion

5. Ejaculate