3rd Eye Chakra - Blockages


When this sixth chakra experiences a blockage, one may suffer from frequent nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration and sometimes even migraines.


If the 6th chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want.


When this chakra is blocked, you are undisciplined, an underachiever with a possible predisposition to schizophrenic breakdown.



 Grief or personal pain may be a problem that is blocking this chakra.



Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy- Spins fast(no harmony)

  • proud

  • egomaniac

  • authoritarian

  • manipulative

  • religiously dogmatic

  • overpowering others

  • living in fantasy world

  • too logical and authoritarian

  Deficient energy - Spins slow (no harmony)

  • Paranoia

  • confused

  • undisciplined

  • afraid of success

  • inability to focus

  • non assertive, undisciplined

  • oversensitive to feelings of others

  • schizophrenic (unable to distinguish between Ego self and Higher self)


Physical Imbalances

  • Cancer

  • confusion

  • bad eyesight

  • Brain tumors

  • lack of clarity

  • mental illness

  • Sinus problems

  • Headaches (sinus)

  • psychic exhaustion

  • Eye and visual problems

  • Central nervous system problems

Physical Malfunctions

  • Headaches

  • poor vision

  • bad dreams

  • ear problems

  • lack of focus

  • skull pressure

  • sinus problems

Psychological Imbalances

  • Paranoia

  • Fixations

  • Schizophrenia

  • Inability to focus

  • Severe retardation

  • Extreme confusion

  • Psychotic behavior

  • Poor visual memory

  • Intelligence deficiencies

  • Living in a fantasy world