SACRAL Chakra - Blockages 


If you feel yourself to be cold emotionally and sexually your second chakra is blocked and your whole body may seem or feel frigid.


Tensions in this chakra manifest as inner conflict, sexual problems, instability, sense of isolation. The sacral chakra governs your sex and urinary organs, kidneys and the circulation.



You have probably experienced one or more of the following experiences. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, volatile situations, neglect, coldness, rejection, denial of child's feelings, lack of mirroring, enmeshment, emotional manipulation, overuse of playpen or restricting normal movement, religious or moral severity, physical abuse, alcoholic families, inherited issues - parents who have not worked out their own issues around sexuality, untreated incest cases.


Characteristics of excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy- Spins fast (no harmony)

  • jealousy

  • manipulative

  • overindulgent

  • oversensitive

  • overly ambitious

  • sexual addiction

  • ruled by emotions

  • sexual acting out

  • wild inner child

  • poor boundaries

  • pleasure addiction

  • sexual addictions

  • caught up in illusions

  • crisis junkies

  • emotionally explosive

  • lots of drama in life

  • seductive manipulation

  • extremely emotional

  • emotional dependency

  • obsessive attachment

  • obsessive attractions

  • see people as sex objects

  • excessively strong emotions

  • bipolar mood swings

  • need to have more stuff

  • poor boundaries with others

  Deficient energy - Spins slow (no harmony)

  • aloofness

  • impotence

  • self negating

  • fear of change

  • cold stomach

  • overly sensitive

  • poor social skills

  • lack of vitality

  • burdened by guilt

  • denial of pleasure

  • digestive disorders

  • excessive boundaries

  • restricted feelings

  • sexual energy-clinging

  • emotional numbness

  • guilty about having sex

  • problems with uterus

  • frozen sexual energies

  • lack of centered focus

  • rigidity in body and attitudes

  • shy, timid, immobilized by fear

  • fear of sex or impotent

  • kidneys & lower back pain

  • lack of passion & excitement


If you have developed sexual addictions of any kind, your second chakra is not balanced and you are not centered and grounded in how to properly express you sexuality with creativity and intimacy. You are likely to be self-serving with sex and with your emotions.

Physical Imbalances

  • anemia

  • allergies

  • diabetes

  • diarrhea

  • leukemia

  • duodenal ulcers

  • hypoglycemia

  • kidney problems

  • spleen problems

  • pancreas problems

  • lower back problems

  • premenstrual syndrome

  Physical Malfunctions

  • spleen

  • constipation

  • knee trouble

  • low back pain

  • lack of energy

  • urinary system

  • lack of flexibility

  • deadened senses

  • loss of weigh

  • kidney weakness,

  • sexual dysfunction

  • menstrual difficulties

  • frigidity, non- orgasmic

  • reproductive organ disorders

  • premature ejaculation

  • loss of appetite for food

Psychological Imbalances

  • hysteria

  • depression

  • chameleon personality

  • unable to be sexually intimate

  • repression and inhibition