SOLAR Plexus Chakra - Blockages


This chakra is linked to the muscles, to fatigue, stomach ulcers, allergies and diabetes.


If the solar Plexus chakra is blocked, then you likely feel easily depressed and rejected and possibly wanting to blame others for your insecurity feelings.


You are an emotional chameleon, always willing to change to suit the needs and wants of others to be more accepted as you need reassurance and to be in the good opinion of others. This only hurts you more as your own sense of self worth fails to manifest as a result.


Most of us are taught from early childhood to repress our emotions and feelings. The rules of society say that we must always be practical and wary. It cautions us against exploitation. We live in a restricted society where people will often take advantage of one another, so this problem is difficult to overcome.


By repressing the solar chakra, you place yourself on auto-pilot and this can cause severe emotional problems among others. Doubt and mistrust will eventually destroy your vitality if this continues. They must both be endured and finally overcome.



Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy - Spins fast with no harmony

  • overpowering

  • rigid boundaries

  • addiction to security

  • lots of fire energy

  • projecting superiority

  • viciously competitive

  • may need drugs to relax

  • can't show emotional warmth
  • fears intimacy

  • overly intellectual

  • sluggish, lazy, tired

  • angry, workaholic

  • Obesity and overeating

  • lack of tolerance

  • hoarding, material greed

  • burnt out, exhausted

  • angry

  • intense

  • forceful

  • intrusive

  • hard ball

  • hyped up

  • ambitious

  • rebellious

  • controlling

  • perfectionist

  • aggressive

  • threatening

  • dictatorship

  • quarrelsome

  • goal-oriented

  • power-loving

  • ear of change

  • disconnected

  Deficient energy - Spins slow with no harmony

  • loss of self worth

  • feeling inner void

  • shrinking courage

  • lack of confidence

  • inferiority complex

  • afraid of being alone

  • weak inner strength

  • fragile determination

  • negative self image

  • disconnected from gut

  • chronic disorganization

  • poor focus and discipline

  • Disconnection from body

  • need constant reassurance

  • phobic
  • confused
  • fearful

  • anxious

  • restless

  • distrustful

  • depressed

  • insecure
  • loneliness
  • can't settle

  • energy vampire
  • Weak intentions

  • poor boundaries

  • financial difficulty

  • lack of confidence

  • underweight

  • sexually insecure


If the third chakra is imbalanced, you are likely to be a workaholic control freak who never slows down long enough to face feelings of never having measured up to the world as you feel you should have. These feelings likely manifested themselves as a result of your sense of self and self esteem’s growth being impeded as a child due to emotional or physical neglect.

Physical Imbalances

  • stress
  • ulcers
  • bulimia
  • insomnia
  • diabetes

  • anorexia

  • depression

  • confusion

  • muscle cramps

  • indigestion

  • panic attacks

  • Anorexia nervosa

  • Adrenal problems

  • Absorption problems

  • Arthritis
  • fatigue
  • Cancer

  • Obesity

  • diabetes

  • gall stones

  • food allergies

  • Liver problems

  • Premature aging

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Stomach problems

  • difficulty breathing

  • digestive difficulties
  • Coordination problems

  Physical Malfunctions

  • Eating disorders.

  • Disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestine.

  • Disorders of solid parts of the body- bones, teeth etc.

  • Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks.

  • Frequent illness (can be deficient and/ or excessive)

Psychological Imbalances

  • Sleep problems

  • Obsessive behavior

  • Compulsive behavior

  • Addictive personality

  • Excessive anger or fear

  • Catatonic Schizophrenia

  • Manic-depressive behavior