Chakra Locations

Your major seven chakra points arelocated in front of the spine from the tailbone up to the top of the crown of your head.


Crown - Top, or crown, of the head

3rd Eye - The middle of the forehead

Throat - The hollow (base) of the throat

Heart - Middle of the breastbone

Solar Plexus - The navel

Sacral - The reproductive /genital area

Root- Base of the spine called the perineum


Your body survives on it's prana energy system. There are over 72, 000 energy channels called 'nadis' transmitting your prana. The chakra locations are intense energy 'hubs' where a large number of the nadis intersect each other.


Each chakra pointaffects specific endocrine glands, nerve plexuses & body parts. They are also associated to specific physical, emotional & spiritual characteristics

It's important to know the your chakra locations when doing any energy work on them. You will need to visualize these points, know where to place chakra stones on them or use pendulums and wands directly above the chakra locations.