Chakra basic meanings & Sanskrit definitions


ROOT Chakra - your physical needs of food, drink, shelter and other basic needs for survival.

Muladhara (pronounced as Moola Dar Uh) Mula means root and adhara means support.



SACRAL Chakra - feelings about your sexuality and relationships with others.

Savadhisthana (pronounced as Svod East Hana) Svad means to sweeten what belongs to itself and dhisthana implies its actual place.



SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra - managesthe energies relating to your willpower, purpose & creativity

Manipura (pronounced as Mon e poo ra) meaning city of jewels.




HEART Chakra - is about unselfish, acceptance and love for others unconditionally.

Anahata (pronounced as Ah naw ha ta) meaning unstuck note.




THROAT Chakra - joy in experiencing without judgment, purity of speech and  clarity of communication

Vishuddha (pronounced as Vees shoo duh) meaning purification.





THIRD EYE Chakra - develops intuition, insight, super-sensory perception, direct revelation, higher voices & supernormal powers.

Ajna (pronounced as Ah shnah) meaning to perceive or to command.



CROWN Chakra - center of godliness, illumination and spiritual enlightenment.

Sahasara (pronounced as Saw has ah raw)meaning thousandfold.