HEART Chakra - Balancing

Blessed with a balanced heart chakra you will he nurturing. Love without condition and seek spiritual connections in lovemaking.

Meditations for rebalancing the heart chakra contain important messages for cancer patients: believe that the universe will always provide for you; recognize that the more love you allow yourself to receive, the more love will be around for others.



A balanced HEART chakra manifests as compassionate, empathetic, humanitarian, see the good in everyone, desire to nurture others, friendly, outgoing, in touch with feelings, sexual energy-can surrender and merge in a love relationship, can wait for the right partner.



  • trust

  • forgiveness

  • unconditional love

  • centered and peaceful

  • loving andcompassionate

  • openness to receive and give

Ways to balance

To Balance this Chakra serve others, love and take care of yourself. Breathe consciously. Try the yoga breathing and possibly some of the relaxation techniques as well. Read love stories or human interest, watch tender movies that "get to you" emotionally, spend time with someone that really needs attention such as a person in a nursing home, a neglect child, even (and especially this one) a neglected family member or lover.


Ways to balance

  • give someone a hug

  • watch tender movies

  • meaningful relationships

  • listen to romantic soft music

  • give someone a Reiki treatment

  • play with cute kittens or puppies

  • give freely your service to others

  • sit for a while with a baby in your arms

  • most important is, love and forgive yourself


What should I work on?

Risk taking( deficiency), grounding and emotional contact, deep relaxation, stress control( excess), vigorous exercise, martial arts, sit- ups, psychotherapy- build ego- strength, release or contain anger, work on shame issues, strengthen the will and encourage autonomy.




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