THROAT Chakra - Balancing

When your throat chakra finds equilibrium, you will be contented, a good communicator who can meditate with ease and enjoys artistic inspiration.

To bring balance to this chakra, try singing, chanting, humming, and breathe consciously.

Yoga is also helpful with most all of the chakras.


You'll have a resonant voice, be a good listener, good sense of timing and rhythm, clear communication and live creatively.


  • Communicates easily and clearly and with authority

  • Harmonious voice, closer to inner truth and creativity

  • Developed artistic talents

  • Influential. contented, centered and can live in the present,

  • Sense of timing, good speaker

  • Artistic, can meditate and experience Divine Energy

  • Sexual energy, can seek bliss through meditation

Ways to balance

Ways to balance

Sing, chant, hum. Listen to music that you really like. Take a walk and look at the beautiful blue sky and breathe consciously.


What should I work on?

Loosen neck and shoulders, release voice, singing, chanting, toning, storytelling, journal writing, automatic writing, practice silence( excess), non- goal- orientated creativity, psychotherapy; learn communication skills, complete communications, letter writing, inner child dialogue and voice dialogue.



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