ROOT Chakra - Balancing

The Root Chakra grounds us in the physical world and is linked with security, survival and trust.


It's therefore the gravity chakra, grounding us to earth and material existence. To ensure the needs of your root chakra are met, you need to be truthful with yourself.


A balanced root chakra manifests as grounded and healthy with plenty of physical energy

  • You will to stand up for oneself and a sense of self-mastery.

  • You'll be healthy, experience vitality, be well grounded, comfortable in your own body, a sense of trust in the world, you'll feel generally safe and secure,

  • You'll have the ability to relax and be still, you'll be stable, prosperous and able to provide for your own needs in the right livelihood.

To feel balanced on this level you need to be physically where you need to be. You have authentic needs but it's important to differentiate them from your desires.


Survival mastery, centered, grounded, abundant, empowered, healthy, dignified living, wholesomeness, warmth.

Ways to balance

  • In the summer, go barefoot

  • Dancing is very good for grounding

  • Hug a tree, take care of your plants

  • House cleaning and cooking is also grounding

  • Spend some time each day sitting directly on the earth

  • Look at earliest childhood relationship to mother

  • Lots of touch, massage, bioenergetic grounding, yoga

  • Reconnect with your body through physical activity (aerobics, weights, running, dance)

  • Use the sacred vowel sound UH (as in cup) & focus on the   chakra at the same time



When you meditate on this Chakra it balances the physical body which controls the fight or flight syndrome. This is where you get the energy to get out of bed every morning.


The image in nature to focus on is dawn, the sunset, or fresh soil

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