SACRAL Chakra -


The Sacral chakra is the chakra of sweetness - of pleasure, sexuality, nurture, movement and change.

This chakra is involved with taste and appetite, with emotional range and depth.


You must first become stronger by balancing the other chakras before you can aid this one fully



  • You'll move gracefully, have emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure and be able to nurture yourself and others.

  • You are able to change and have healthy boundaries.

  • You're trusting, expressive, creative, friendly, concerned for others, have a sense of belonging, intuitive and clairsentient.

  • Good sense of humor.

  • Radiate warmth and compassion.


Spontaneous, harmony between higher, middle and the lower self, healthy sexuality, non judgmental, richness in feelings.

Ways to balance

Sexual healing may be needed, try new ways of expressing yourself creatively, dance, move your hips, practice yoga.

  • boundary work

  • inner child work

  • express your creativity

  • assign healthy pleasures

  • laugh and have some fun

  • develop sensate intelligence

  • 12 step programs for addictions

  • movement therapy; dance & move your hips

  • emotional release or containment as appropriate

  • play the musical note D in calming circular patterns (calms the emotions)





Meditation and visualization can help with all chakras. With this one you can visualize yourself getting rid of old pain and hurt, see yourself fulfilling sexual needs that you have only dreams of, see yourself as a sexual being but not a victim any longer if this has been the problem.

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